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Looking for a driving course to do after passing your driving test? We have all you need with the Pass Plus course, intensive driving course,...


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We, at the 'Driver School of Motoring', offer a range of driving courses to suit all your driving needs.

Pass Plus Course

This course can only be taken after you pass your practical driving test. It is designed to give the new driver lots of driving experience on different roads and driving conditions.

Why Do You Need The Pass Plus Course?

Statistics show that while new drivers make up 10% of license holders, they are involved in 29% of accidents. This shows that new drivers lack driving experience which the Pass Plus course offers.

Also, by taking this course within one year of passing your driving test, the driving experience you will gain will enable you to save 20-45% with most insurance companies, if you are a driver under the age of 21. It is not unusual for you to save 5 00 - 1000 or more!

 Details of Pass Plus Course

The Pass Plus driving course consists of 6 driving modules (equivalent to 6 hours of driving experience) and covers the following:

  • Town driving,
  • All weather driving,
  • Out of town driving,
  • Night driving,
  • Dual Carriageway driving,
  • Motorway driving.

You might be pleased to here that there is no test to take on completion of the Pass Plus driving course with your driving instructor, and that the DSA will send successful pupils a certificate. More information on the Pass Plus course.


Semi-Intensive Driving Courses

This is the course that most people ask for. We have three intensive driving courses that are best suited for partly trained drivers.

  • 10-hours This intensive driving course is suitable for you if you have recently failed a driving test or if you are nearing test standard. This course is normally spread over 3 or 4 days prior to the test.
  • 20-hours The 20-hour intensive driving course is recommended for you if you have some driving experience and you have mastered the basic skills required, but you just need to polish up your manoeuvres and general driving skills.
  • 30-hours This intensive driving course is recommended for you if you are confident with the basic s of driving but you have very little driving experience. It covers ma inly people in the age group from 17 to 23.
  • 40-hours This is  the semi-intensive driving course for complete beginners. We would suggest 2 to 3 lessons per week of 1.5 hours duration. You will learn quickly through this course, and you will have time to understand what is expected of you on test day - this will enable you to practice accordingly.

Understand that the number of hours of tuition you will need will depend on your motivation and your natural ability, as well as whether you can receive any private practice from a friend or member of the family.

Government figures (not ours) suggest that a complete beginner (who has time to practice their driving skills with family or friends) needs an average of 40 hours of tuition to pass a driving test. This, of course, is an average as some people learn quickly while others take a little more time to reach test standard. 

Therefore, understand that the above mentioned number of hours are only a guide and not a guarantee that you will have reached the correct driving test standard to pass a practical driving test.  Your driving instructor will keep you informed of your progress during your driving course and will make all efforts to get you through your driving test as quickly as possible.


Fully-Intensive Driving Course

This course is best suited for you if you have passed your theory test and already have significant driving experience as it will add to your already existing driving experience and skills. To benefit from this type of course, you will need to  have excellent concentration, as you will be given a lot of information over a very short period of time.

To qualify for fully intensive driving course, you will need to hold a current provisional driving licence,  you must already have passed the theory test and you must have significant driving experience.

The length of our fully intensive driving course will depend on your level of driving experience which will be determined by an initial assessment lesson of 1.5 hours. This assessment lesson will take place prior to the proposed intensive driving course.

Following the assessment lesson, you will be able to book your practical driving test and arrange for lessons to be taken leading up to the test date which can be over a week or two week period (if the instructor agrees this type of course would suit you).

The fully intensive driving lessons are:

  • taken over a short period of time, usually 6-10 hours training per week,
  • booked in blocks of 10 lessons ie. 10, 20 or 30 hours.

The training will therefore be completed in 1, 2 or 3 weeks so instruction starts after the test date is booked.

Birthday Present Idea
Why don't you pre-book a block of 10 hours driving instruction as an excellent 17th Birthday resent for your son, your daughter or  a friend? Contact us and we will arrange everything.


Single Lessons

We accept bookings for single lessons. These  last 1, 1.5 or 2 hours and take place once a week. We suggest that you select the 2-hour lesson as it will reduce the length of time it will take you to reach test standard.


Block Bookings Bonus

If you book your driving lessons in blocks of 10 hours, and you pay in advance, you will be eligible for a discount of 1 per hour (which amounts to 10 for a block of 10 hours).

Looking for an Unusual but Worthwhile Present?
Driving Lessons are an extremely valuable Birthday, Christmas, Easter, ... present for your young ones who are about to go on the road for their first time.


Residential Courses

If you need accommodation while you attend our fully intensive driving course, let us know as we can arrange B & B or half-board accommodation for you.

Not a Local of Sheffield or Rotherham?
If you are not a local of Sheffield or Rotherham and you want to attend our fully intensive course, don't worry as we can arrange accommodation for you. We really don't want you to miss out on the chance of becoming a better and safer driver!


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Did You Know That...
we offer 4 different types of semi-intensive courses, to meet all your driving needs?